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Sweaty Kitties Hoodie

Sweaty Kitties Hoodie

Звичайна ціна ₴5,500.00 UAH
Звичайна ціна Ціна продажу ₴5,500.00 UAH
Розпродаж Продано
З податком. Вартість доставки розраховується при оформленні замовлення.

The design of the "Sweaty Kitties" hoodie is inspired by ASCII art, one of the earliest forms of digital art. The print emerges from small linear pixels. The cut is specifically tailored for this hoodie to ensure comfort and functionality while wearing it. Made from dense and pleasant fabric, this hoodie allows for comfortable wear.

This hoodie will be a unique addition to your collection.

- Embroidered Ascii art of Two sweet girl kittens
- Material: Heavy cotton 100%
- Color: Black
- YKK hardware
- Made in Ukraine
- One size fit

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